Tuesday, January 25, 2011

School Morning

It's 6:46 am. here in the Lindquist household....a busy school day ahead.  The kids are slow to move this morning after a busy 3 day weekend.  At least one has a bad cold, but since it's the first day of the new semester...no staying home sick for anybody today.  Tim is already gone.  It's pitch black outside, and it seems like the middle of the night. I hear the stirrings of a shower running, a spoon clicking on a cereal bowl....and someone is moaning....a typical school morning.  Sympathy mingles with mild frustration as I try to get the household up and running, up and walking at least.  The weeks of school until spring break string out before us, longer than they really are because so much has to happen, so much has to be decided and achieved before then....

But right now, I am just drawing a deep breath, saying a prayer for energy and wisdom, and moving ahead, one task, one day at a time, enjoying having them all here with their schedules and laundry and appetites and laughter and moaning....and  I'm making tea, steaming and sweet...a small force against the cold and dark.

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