Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at Our House.

For the second time ever in 20 years of marriage...
we had Thanksgiving Dinner in our own home.

It was fun.  It was sad.  It was happy.

Sadly, we couldn't travel to Illinois this year due to basketball schedules, so we missed the chance to see my side of the family for the holidays, and now that it's January, we are really feeling the pinch. 
Miss you guys!

It was fun, though, because we got to cook our own turkey!
It was happy because we were able to host Tim's parents in our home and give back a little for the many holiday meals we've enjoyed at their house in the past!

The Turkey:
Lily is going to be a doctor.
Or a field dresser...
Or a taxidermist..

She was FASCINATED by the innards of the turkey....we had to go through them ALL!

When I prepare a turkey or chicken for roasting,
I try not to look too closely at what I'm doing exactly...
I just pull out the "stuff" and chuck it in the trash in one swift movement...
without looking...
It has always worked for me...

But this year Lily was on the beat.
Our turkey was THOROUGHLY inspected, let me tell you.

I got to pull out the old wedding china!
There it is!
See?  Good thing I have it!!!

Men's work!

The crew...minus Timmy...who took the picture...

...but here he is!!!!

Here was what all of our plates looked like after the meal...

...except Timmy's plate.
Timmy has a few of which is an inability to judge just how much food can possibly fit into his stomach. 

And then it was time.....

for the wishbone drama!

Pull Lily pull!

Ya gotta really yank it!

Oh for goodness sake!

"I think that was rigged!"

These are the feet of Tim and his dad....
post turkey.

Tim's parents were a lot of fun and made the day special.
And so did the pies.
And the banana punch!
Oh!  And Andrew WON at cards!

Which has pretty much NEVER happened before!

He made sure to clap for himself!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

And if anyone can figure out how to postdate this so that it looks like I actually wrote it on or near Thanksgiving, please let me know!


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oylcur said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving! P.S. We miss you guys too!