Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Ugly Sweater Day"

I thought I'd share a laugh with you all...

It was "Ugly Sweater" day at the high school a few weeks back.

Andrew and Zach went to the Goodwill Store and got theirs for $3.00.

That was $3.00 for both!

Katie just went to my closet!

Actually, the sweater Katie is wearing is precious to me.

I don't find it ugly at all, either...but it was the only authentic '80's sweater I still have.


Well, first of all, I like it.

Yes I do!

But more than that, it was the last Christmas present my Grandma Ola gave me before I went off to college.

After that, she and Grandpa just gave me money.

There's something to be said for a hand picked gift...
although I certainly appreciated the money in college.

But the money's gone....

..And the sweater is still  here!

I'm keeping it forever!

The Goodwill sweaters were gone to charity by the next week.
(They weren't handpicked by Grandma.)

Strangely, though...I liked the way my kids looked.
Took me back to high school!
Those were the days....


Dana said...

Those were the days! My husband has a sweater one of your boys can borrow next year ;)

PS ~ He doesn't wear it ... so don't be looking for it at church :) His folks got it for him from Mongolia, I think.

Chris said...

Suz, I had that same sweater that Katie is wearing :-) And Matt wears a sweater like the one that Andrew is wearing, it's retro and he loves it! so funny, I like ugly sweater day!