Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dry Skin or Cat Litter

Thoughts to myself:

My face is so dry.  I've been using lotion but what are all these crinkles and flakes?  It's never been THIS dry before.  Is the house dry?  Wait!  Did I ever turn on the humidifier this Fall in the basement?  No!  I'm sure I didn't...I just turned the furnace on upstairs and I never went down.  Well!  THAT explains the crepe paper skin on my face! It's not that I'm old.  Whew!  So....I suppose I should go down to the furnace room and turn that humidifier on....No!  I can't!  If I go to the furnace room, I'll walk by the cat litter box, and if I walk by the cat litter box, I will most surely SEE that the cat litter box is full to overflowing. Then I will be morally obliged to change it and it's SO DISGUSTING!  THINK.  Is there any way I can get by it without NOTICING??? have to step over it to get to the humidifier switch.  Ya know, maybe I could just live with the crypt-keeper skin.   Yes!  I could buy a hydrating mask or something!  But then I'd break out; I know I'd break out.  (Sigh) Dry skin....or cat litter....dry litter.  Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and chocolate and think about it awhile.


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