Monday, December 19, 2011

Guess Who! Ho Ho HO

Guess who came to our house tonight to make an early delivery?
 At first she didn't know what to think!
Santa....right there in her living room!
 Of course the wheels were turning!
It's not Papa......
 Santa was kind and thoughtful and asked her many  questions...
 She didn't always know the answer..
Meanwhile, Zach was standing behind Santa,
waving his arms and mouthing

"It's SANTA!" I kept saying.

Pretty soon he ran and got Andrew.

And Timmy got home from basketball
in the "Nick" of time!
 Zach is still not sure.
Andrew knows.
Katie knows.
Timmy...who knows....

 The whole family.
Thanks Santa!
(Look at Zach's face...he's still thinking...)
 "Can you believe it!?"

They watched out the BACK to try to see
the sled but...
Wait!  What's that glowing light in the window?
My flash....or.....

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