Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting Worse

It's getting worse.  Lily ab-so-lutely REFUSED to go out the door this morning with gloves that didn't match.  Now mind you....I'm not talking about one glove on one hand not matching the glove on the other hand....I'm talking about the matching pair of gloves being BLACK and NOT matching her PINK hat, scarf, coat, snow pants and boots.  I decided to be tough.  "Lily, you are JUST going to have to wear the black gloves today...we'll find some pink ones later."  The bus was coming in one minute.  "NOOOooooooooo Mom!  Wait...I have another pair somewhere!"  At this point she dumped out her backpack and sure enough there was a pair of little pink stretchy gloves....not very warm BUT the requisite color.  After checking to make sure I wasn't secretly being filmed by "Toddlers and Tiaras," I caved in and let her wear the lightweight pink's 10 degrees out...but she knows how to stick her hands in her pockets...

Dear World,  is there a desensitizing therapy for this?  Should I force her to wear unmatching clothes?  Would she survive?

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Lisa M said...

Cora refused to wear a cute, great condition, white and black hand me down jacket because it was "TOO PUFFY!", she yelled. I got her out the door last week by saying she had to wear last years pink jacket (a bit small) with purple snow pants until SHE bought a new one. She was fine with that and has been asking when we are going shopping. So now we will be shopping this weekend for a matching snow suit "outfit" that will match her purple mittens and purple boots. She is paying! THink we will be going on the clothing allowence in jr high and she will have to purchase her own clothes. Good luck!