Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Pretend

Let's pretend, for a post or two...
that it is early November 
and I, along with every other mother,
am sharing my recently taken photos 
of my adorable children.

Work with me.

I've had a busy Fall.

Katie and I bummed around Savers (consignment shop) 
for an hour with no inspiration and a $20 budget.

Finally when we were about to give up...
we found the AQUA BLUE WIG.

Aqua is "so her color!"

Lily also honed in on a wig.
She passed up the fairy costumes and queen costumes for this,
a non-specific Indian girl.
"Do NOT call me Pocahontas!"

The rest of the stuff we had...

And I must say...she looked pretty authentic...
except for the pink inflatable guitar...

Even rock stars need sustenance.... she fueled up for the big evening of...
wait...isn't 15 too old to go around and get candy?


You have a cute adorable little sister who is too young to go around the neighborhood alone....
and your mother hates the cold....

"Oh YEAH...."

"Works for me, MOM!  Let's go Katie!"

"Love ya Zach!  Maybe next time!"

And the sorting begins....

Gloves are OFF...this is serious.

Oh by the way...Timmy was around too.
But he didn't hang around much.  
I'm laughing because in real life you can tell that the flesh material across his torso makes a pirate FACE...
but in the photographs it looks....
not quite like a face......

I don't know Timmy.
But it did the job.
Then he came back, stripped off the questionable costume,
threw on a stockingcap,
and went back AGAIN!

Before you judge me...I give away a LOT of candy.
I figure it all comes out even...
we needed enough to share...

with those truly too big to get it for themselves.
(Look!  I never noticed that they have the same chins!)

OK...end of let's pretend.
Thank you for working with me.
Back to December 8.

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