Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fierce Defender Fails

Here is our fierce and ferocious watchdog.
She will bite  your hand right off! (if you're holding bacon....)
She slept soundly last night while someone broke into our garage, into my husband's car and stole his work briefcase.

They left my purse in the suburban undisturbed.

Clearly a professional hit job.

Please pray that the briefcase with his computer and a lot of personal papers would be returned.

(For those who need more details,
I went out to the garage this morning at 6:45 to 
take out recycling and noticed that the garage
door was open and that my husband's
back car door was ajar.
I knew we were in trouble.
Tim was the last one home last night and always closes the garage door, so we have no explanation.)

We are thankful that nothing else is missing.

As for Molly...she is well rested and without concern this morning
except for being in trouble for eating the garbage while
we were having a heart attack about the briefcase.

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