Monday, March 19, 2012

A Great Day

We had a mission!

After an hour or so van ride through the "real" DR... was time for the Lindquist family to show their stuff!

We were ready!

This was the man
who was going to get us from just 

He was a great instructor.

"Bring on the waves!"

Lily and I frolicked while the others had surfing lessons.
There's a whole lot going on in this picture.

First of all...
the chick in the pink bikini is not me.
The dog behind Lily was one of three who were all over the place.
Lily wanted to take them home with us...
so they could have families.

And the horseback riding looked fun but...

...we were there to hang ten!
(isn't that what you say?)

We've learned to really pay attention on this trip.
Being in a foreign country,
even at a nice resort,
will teach you that quickly.


Things were getting hot...
for the dog anyway,
poor thing...she was really skinny and obviously had
pups somewhere.
Lily was emotionally involved by this point.

You see.

Meanwhile...the vetting goes on...

They can only keep a straight face for so long...
not sure dad was going to get up!
So far, we hadn't gotten within 100 ft. of a wave...

But it turns out...we were naturals....

Look at the form!!!

Kind of poor luck on whoever was in front of you but...

In general...

....people got out of the way!

Timmy was great!


knew it.

360's were his "thang."

Lookin' good Drew!

Timmy kept hamming it up so I have twice as many as him.
He kept looking right at me!
Photo op's are his specialty.

Go Zach!

You got it!

Tim (afterwards):  "This is not an older person sport."

And here he comes again...

Katie did much better than this picture shows...
I got a lot of video of her, but not a lot of photos.

And a great time was had by all!


and men who made them great.

Everyone was exhausted but..

a few coconuts

and bananas later, and... was all better.

We went home and rested and then...

We gathered on a rooftop terrace as the sun set.
It was lovely and restful and one of my favorite

They were almost too tired to wrestle.

We tried to pose for some pictures...
for the Christmas card I'll never send...

I think she grew.
It's all the food here.

We just make her stay seated now.

But this one can't get enough of all the family time.

...and ice cream!

This was dinner at the Japanese place.
It was really good.

Of course there's the inevitable open your mouth
and let the chef throw food in it...

It was a swing...

and a miss.

This one didn't miss.

What a great day we were blessed with.
We all were so grateful for the beauty of the earth and the sky and the water.
God shouted His love upon us  through His creation this wonderful day.


oylcur said...

Love the pics! I learned to surf about 9 years ago in Hawaii and haven't had the opportunity to do it since. I'm so happy you guys are having such a great time, it looks like so much fun! Can't wait to hear about the kids entering the Dairyland Surf Championship!
http ://

Chris said...

I just love the pictures Suzanne, what great family time you had! Invaluable. I must take a moment to mention Tim...didn't he have a similar photo...on a beach...up in the air last year? Just sayin.