Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comin' Right At Ya from the DR

The Lindquist Family
made it!
We arrived "en force" to the D.R. yesterday.
It was a bit harrowing,
but for my first blog post,
let me just say,
we are having a great time.

We can snorkel right off the beach in aqua water!

Meet our new friend!
This guy hung out all morning about 40 feet from shore.
And, despite misgivings on my part,
Katie's underwater camera
takes great pictures in the water...

...and OUT.

So far, we've drunk our weight in 
sugary concoctions.

Lily is a fish.

...and an icecream maniac!
She had FIVE of them.

I have to end this blog here because the crazy men
in my family are demanding the computer so we can
 finalize our March Madness Basketball Picks.

The things that go on....

More coming tomorrow!

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