Monday, September 22, 2008

A Picnic

Well, I'd had enough of football...I mean REALLY, they play it every evening, I wash football gear every morning, they manage their football fantasy teams almost activity that has rendered each and every pro football game in the entire country of sudden and dire importance....they play it on the Wii. I mean at this time of year, the males in our house have FOOTBALL on the brain...or for a brain...just kidding...but anyway...

I'd had enough. So yesterday morning before church I had Tim inform the members of our household that following the service, we would be going on a family hike and picnic at Katherine Abbot Park, and we would not be bringing the television set!! Now for you hikers out there...DON'T be calling us to go hiking with you...the Lindquist's are NOT hikers (just ask us about the Grand Canyon sometime). When it was mentioned that walking was going to be involved, the groans became louder and continued pretty much unabated all the way to church.
We had a good time, though. The weather was perfectly gorgeous! We walked about a whole 1/3 of a mile until we felt like we were really out in the wilderness, plunked down our picnic, ate, talked and napped in the sun. It was great. I highly recommend a Sunday afternoon picnic anytime you are able. Here are our pics, and if you happen to see a football shaped object in any of them, well, "you gotta...know when to fold'em."

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