Monday, September 15, 2008


L: Here, Mom, here's a candy from the grocery store. It's for you! It's orangy, and it smells like orange!"

(Hands me an old tic know...the kind that isn't glossy anymore because it's really old and has been held in sweaty palms too long and dropped under a bed or somewhere.)

(long pause while I contemplate my options...)

L: "MOM, aren't you going to eat it? I got it for you!"

Me: "Well...I don't know if it's what I..."

L: "You'll really like it, Mom! It's SO delicious! Aren't you going to eat the candy I got for you?"

(she looks at me with big blue eyes...and watches me as I swallow hard and put the tic tac in my mouth.)

The proud smile on her face was worth whatever disease I get.

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Lady Librarian said...

I found your blog today. I am crying right now, laughing at Lily's tic tac story. You and your stories are hilarious and highly enjoyable!
Merry Christmas!