Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wild Wings Can Be Expensive

Now...There just comes a time, when you know it's time. Yesterday, Tim and I bought our second television set in our seventeen years of marriage! We were contemplating running to BWW's for some "wings" to feed our hungry children during the Vikes game when suddenly it hit us that our fuzzy (and not at all flat-screened) 1991 television set-- with the chips in the glass circa A and Z's toddler years was ...well....it just was. So one of us (Tim or I, I'll let you guess) suggested that on the way to Buffalo Wild Wings, we should swing by Best Buy and avail ourselves of something more... well... more. Now the unique thing about us and our typical decision making process, is that we didn't think of this last weekend, say, or even a couple of hours before gametime. Nope, not our style! We got this major brain wave at about 6:00 p.m....exactly one hour before Vikings first game kickoff! We like pressure. So off we went, me trying to keep up with Tim (he was moving fast.)

Back then... Now the first television we bought back as newlyweds was also from Best Buy. That time we spent a leisurely half hour (holding hands) picking out just the right one...which is to say the one that they were out of stock in so we could offer to buy the floor model and talk them down in price. (I believe we saved $50.) We figured if it lasted a couple of years that would be great.

Back to now... Seventeen years and I don't even want to think about how many tv hours later...here we were again. This time, though, we didn't hold hands, we talked very fast, it was tons more complicated and I don't need to say more expensive. Long story short we were back at home at 6:50 with ten minutes until gametime to get it all going!!! You should have seen the scene! There were cables and cardboard, batteries and packing paper, remote controllers and antennas, and I suppose somewhere there were instructions! T was sliding down the hill on the big box before we realized it, so we were fairly committed to keeping it all! L was sobbing while clutching my leg, Tim was unpacking and I was hooking and unhooking cables as fast as I could! Z was cheering, K was asking questions and the clock was ticking!!! Did we make it in time for kickoff?.....

Nope. We got it all programmed somewhere mid first quarter, though, and standing amidst the boxes and plastic baggies and the multitude of irritating little twisty tie things scattered around, I looked at my family and thought how great it all is. It was a beautiful moment..until Z said, "Mom I'm so hungry!!! What's to eat?" We had forgotten the wings.


Mike and Amanda said...

I miss you guys so much i wish we could be there to see all the fun. Pray for Amanda and i as we are stressed and overwhelmed about all our training and i am scared to death about teaching. we love you all so much.
mike and amanda

Dana said...

Hi Suzanne :) FUNNY story!!!