Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Blog

I blog; therefore I exist.  OR  I exist; therefore I blog.  Anyhow, the blogging's been pretty scarce around here!  Sigh.  Turns out I can't do it all.  (Smile)  It's that Revelation study I'm in, I tell you!  Fascinating!  And time-consuming!  I highly recommend it.

On another note:  Lily, Katie and I are going to Disney World next week!  We're meeting up with my mom.  Here's Lily in her Snow White wig.  She thinks she should take it along.  I told her I'd see what you all think!


Dana said...

She's much cuter as a blonde :)

Chris said...

God never makes a mistake...

Mike said...


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Carey said...

Do it! Sophie wore her Snow White dress there the whole day and everybody loved it!

Anonymous said...

Greatings, Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! :)