Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mouse Ears

Disclaimer:  You are about to view cliche and generic Disney scenes.  These are being posted here because....they exist.  It's what you do after you go to Disney.  Please forgive me!  I can't help myself!

We were on our way to Dumbo, but the teacups were empty and what better way to make yourself sick for the rest of the day?  Really.

We got to be the first group on Dumbo after a mechanical delay.  Oh yeah...I love being the first to ride a ride right after it's been "fixed."  It's even better when it breaks down WHILE you are on it and then starts again.  It adds thrill.

I am going to postulate that the success of the Disney megafluence (I made that last word up :)) due almost entirely to the MOUSE EARS.  They are so CUTE!  Everybody just wants to see their little one in these adorable little hats.  They are the world's most expensive headwear, even though the hat itself goes for twelve bucks.  Some come with jewels and veils...they go for $15.

This was Lily's very first "character greeting."  The line is normally an hour or more, but thanks to excellent advice, planning and a whip (just kidding)...thanks to Grandma Marsha for getting us a great place in line, we only waited twenty minutes or so!  Lily was overwhelmed.

She could hardly believe it...

We also waited for the princesses.  Getting the signatures satisfied our need to hunt...

Oh's men who have the need to hunt.  This was a girls' vacation.  Never mind.

Katie figured that if she had to wait in line....

....she might as well get a hat and get signatures on it too....

"If you can't beat'em, join'em!"
She much prefered Pooh and Tigger to the princesses or the fairies...

Speaking of Tigger...

I don't know whether it was a male or a female under that costume...

....but, welllll, Tigger really liked hugging Katie.

"Enough Tigger!  TIGGER!"
"OK then!"

It was a beautiful morning.

This was the only food we bought all day.
We packed the rest in a backpack.
But who can pass up....

...$8.00 smoked turkey legs.
It would be wrong to pass those up.
In fact, you could get into trouble if you tried.
So we got one.
Because we weren't there to cause trouble!!!

Many rides and characters later....a rare sighting of Peter least we were told that it was rare...and that we were very special.
Disney does that.
They are trained.

The day at Magic Kingdom got a "thumbs up."

...and a sweet smile....

And I'm sorry, but the mouse ears...the mouse ears...
I love the mouse ears!


Connie said...

Oh my goodness Suzanne. . . . how tall is Katie now?? Tell her how blessed she is and to stand proud and tall lucky girl!!
Loved the Disney stories, ears and even the pre-disney flight - what a fun time with your girls getting older!

Anonymous said...

Suz, I read through these two Disney blogs again and savored the thought of Lily's delightful experiences. I recalled her little conversation with me in the living room chair as we chatted about her favorite princesses. I'm so glad God favored her (and you) with a special treat before He asked you to go through the pain and trauma of her recent fall. It just reminded me that, through the fun times and the hard times, God is always good. I'm so very, very thankful He protected Lily and that she'll recover fully. It can't be soon enough, but in a month or two, this will all be behind her -- and WE can go back to chuckling at the incredibly precocious Lily stories!