Monday, March 22, 2010

Ready Set Go!

Here we are at the Minneapolis Airport EARLY on a Tuesday morning...Tuesday being the cheapest day to fly and all.   Shhhh don't tell anyone.  We were happy, relaxed and contentedly playing a rousing hand of Go Fish, when the flight attendant behind the desk quietly announced that Chicago (our 1 stop on the way to Orlando) was fogged in for smaller planes and that if we wanted to get to Chicago anytime soon, we should try to get on a larger flight a few gates down which was leaving shortly....and good luck.  How do you spell adreneline?  The two girls didn't know what hit them as I scooped the many carryons (because who wants to pay $20 a bag to check them?) and hightailed it a few gates down.  Seriously, I could hear them calling "Mommy...where are you going?" from somewhere far behind me.  But hey, I got there while there were still seats and soon we were in the air and on our way!  It's a thankless job.

Once in Chicago, we quickly found Grandma Marsha having a quiet breakfast in a sunny corner of the airport.  That was her last peace and quiet for the week.

No more blissful solitude for her!!!  Because we had plans...

Here is Lily's choice of breakfast...the skin of a chocolate muffin.  Nice.
But wait...there's always someone else's food!...

First she sent Grandma off on a quest to find her some WATER because she didn't care for the STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE I'd just bought for her and Katie....Then she snarfed up Grandma's hashbrowns and the remainder of her eggs.

And she got a big ol' bottle of water with a pop top to boot. 
She's a master.

We got settled in our home away from home for the week and had some hula hoop fun at the pool after dinner.
The entertainment was a bit overwhelming at first...

...culture shock and all...

...but after a few more rounds of hula...(Katie forbid me to take pictures of her, but it turns out she's quite good...)

...we all decided we liked being on vacation in Florida. 
We liked it a lot!

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