Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"These Are Good Days, Mom"

"These are good days, Mom."

This is what my 17 year old son Zach said to me this morning. IS a snow day today.  And contrary to what you would expect, Twin Cities Metro snow days are extremely RARE, despite the fact that, well...we live in the Twin Cities, which is in Minnesota, which is way further north than I EVER thought I'd live.  This is maybe the fourth or fifth in the thirteen years I've been sending kids off to school.  

And I did make a big delicious breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese casserole, coffee cake, strawberries, hash browns with onions AND orange julius's for everyone's leisurely dining pleasure.  

AND, basketball practice was canceled tonight.

AND Zach hadn't done all his homework for today, although he was just getting up to do it when the phone rang this morning.  Some people just have all the right moves.

AND...we have our health.

ALL these things are great, but something in his tone of voice told me that Zach meant something more.  He meant that these are precious days when we are all together.  Soon it won't be so.
His older brother Andrew (on right-circa 2000) decided yesterday which college he will attend.  I thought I'd feel a burst of relief, but now that the decision is done and the commitment made, I feel sad, because it's really going to happen.

  He's going to go.  

And what's more, he's going to be happy there....somewhere else....somewhere without ....US.

How in the world can that happen?  But it will!

"These are good days, Mom."  

and we neither one speak it but in our hearts we say, 

"And they are few."

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