Friday, May 29, 2009

Garden Girl with the Revolving Wardrobe

Planting our Garden.

The perfect day, perfect seeds....and the perfect dress...a little bit country....

Beans and Corn, folks, beans and corn.....oh and carrots.

We planted a row of pole beans along the side of the house.
That's pretty much how I like to do things. I bought poles for
pole beans...oh about 6 years ago....never got the beans.

Tim threw the poles away last year, which means....yep....time for
me to NEED THEM. But you see, by PLANTING the beans before
I have (once again bought) the poles for them to grow on, I have created a DEADLINE.
And the world must know, I need DEADLINES to get ANYTHING done.

Lily was my helper. She poked them down.

And patted. She was good at the patting...until she got bored...
...after the third bean......

OOPS! I planted the whole row by the house....and forgot
I had a window there. HMMMmmmm.
It could be the new thing in window treatments.... "Crank and Pick."
That sounds bad.
Oh, HOW did I forget I had a window there as I stood there
and planted??? Well,......I just did. I didn't realize the problem
until I stood back to take the picture. Perspective. Story of
my life.

Lily got tired of being barefoot. So she found some shoes...

The Green Giant meets Betty Ann...

She refused to look at the camera anymore.
It's her "America's Next Top Model" pose...

Lily spilled the beans.
***Backstory: Andrew once got Lily to tell a secret, which
she'd JUST PROMISED never to tell, in twenty seconds flat. He was
alone with her, so we can only guess at his methods, but he
said she cracked easily.

Time for a wardrobe change. We call this
"Minnesota Home, Lake and Garden."
It's an easy look to get...any Mukluks will
do. But you must have white legs.

Chubbiness is optional...but cute.
I will update soon on my garden. The beans
sprouted a week after these shots were taken
which meant that that was the day
to go get the poles, which I did. BUT...Tim dropped
my camera in the lake pics yet. I'll be getting back to
you on that.


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So cute!

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