Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're BACK!

We ARE BACK! On Thursday, Tim and the boys headed north, to the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada with our friend Tom and his three boys... eight men...three canoes....LOTS of power bars and jerky.....turtles, eagles, beaver, big fish, little fish.... I think I'll have one of the boys "guest post" about the trip. Maybe Timmy's perspective would be the most interesting since this was his first "Manly Man Weekend"!

Katie, Lily and I headed south on a southern Illinois roadtrip to meet up with my siblings and SURPRISE my Mom with a retirement party. She is retiring from a teaching career. So as soon as I get Katie's camera uploaded I'll show pictures. OUR trip included hours of singing "car songs"...(because the boys never put up with that for more than thirty seconds,) stops along the way whenever we felt like it, catching up with old friends, hotels with soft beds, gourmet meals.... and one disturbing hotel experience...I'll post that one on its own...

Last night, we all arrived back home and compared stories and scars...oh yes there were scars, and our family now owns one less cell phone and camera. But first the laundry.....goodbye for now!


Anonymous said...

So where are the boys' stories from camping? I need something to read to prepare me for my boys' future camping stories. :)

Suzanne said...

Well, Karin,... THAT is a very GOOD question!!!! You see our good camera ended up with the boys on this weekend, and then it ended up in the LAKE. THat's why my pictures have been so BAD since then, because I'm using Katie's point and shoot. I'm working on getting some pics, though, althoug since I wasn't there, I don't know how well I'll retell the stories.