Sunday, May 31, 2009

"UP" Review

We just got back from an impromtu evening at the movie "Up."

What's impromptu for us? Well,'s me looking at all the dirty dishes on the table and saying, "Hey, let's take the kids to the movies because I'm sick of talking about basketball." (unsaid: "I don't want to do the dishes now.")

And Tim says, "OK." (riveting I know)

Then I RUN upstairs, leaving all the dishes, find out that the movie starts in 14 minutes, and sound the call: "HEY KIDS!!! WE'RE GOIN TO THE MOVIES!!:

Even my almost 16 year old came running. They came running from the four corners of our quarter acre lot. It was a good test of their hearing, come to think of it.

When you make the decision to go this suddenly, the advantage is, that there's no time to argue about what movie the family is going to see. There's no time to nag the kids about what to wear....or whether their faces are just go dirty and fast.

Works for us.

"Up" was unique. I think I liked it. It did take me a bit to get over the fact that the characters don't have nostrils. And it was a little... ... ...poignant for a cartoon....but that was ok since it really wasn't aiming at the four and under crowd I don't think. The underlying themes were touching and all too real...about hopes, dreams, disappointments, aging and death. It didn't overly impress MY four year old, but then again she had high expectations.

In fact, Lily sobbed. She thought it was scary, and she's a pretty tough cookie given her older siblings and what she's been exposed through through them. She sobbed in my arms. Loudly. Strangely, her crying made me laugh. So she was wailing (loudly) and I was laughing...(also loudly).

It's worth the price of the ticket....although if you see it in 3-D, which we did because it cracks me up to see my family in the funny glasses, you'll pay a surcharge. I can see that this is the future since nobody can afford the popcorn anymore.

Oh...and they are coming out with Toy Story 3 next summer!!! Will that make me young again? Because I was very young and my kids were young when 1 and 2 came out, and just watching the preview made me feel like a decade rolled back. Funny how that is.

Anyway, thumbs up for "Up." It's a good one that the whole family can appreciate.

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