Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boy Hunts Soccer Player

As you can tell from the picture below....Timmy wanted to be a "Hunter" this year. That's a bow and arrow slung across his back. He wanted Lily to be a deer.

Wouldn't ya know...she refused to cooperate (gasp)! She had her heart set on being a soccer player...not a bunny rabbit, not a squirrel, not prey of any kind as a matter of fact...

She made the rounds at the Harvest Festival and thought...

..."this Halloween thing is a serious boondoggle!"

Grandma Marsha was along to help since I was a "Half Blind PRK Eye Surgery Recoveree." See here.

Here's Timmy fully geared up for the neigborhood slaughter...I mean of sounds bad when you see him dressed like this. We lost it with the Crocks...but hey...I had to buy the pants, and I refuse to spend more than $10 total on the whole costume money pit vortex scandal that sucks you in and spits you out $50 poorer.

Like the rubber knife scotch taped to his fleece? That's how the pros do it.

Lily had a meltdown right before it was time to go out.

She opened the door to one trick-or-treater and realized....
"It's stinkin' cold out there!!!!!"
"You want me to go out there and walk all over the neigborhood? NO WAY!"
But we INSISTED that she HAD to, ABSOLUTELY HAD TO go.
Why? Why send a frail, barely flu recovered little waif out into the frigid night? Why?

"Why Mommy? Why?"

They had a lot of older people to support this year!
It's like Social Security....

"HA HA HAAAAA" Jackpot! We had to let her have her nuk to negate any emotional trauma that may have occurred by getting dragged around and frozen half to death.

Here's Timmy's share....sorted, counted and bagged....and now hidden in recesses of the house that are unknown by any other living beings. He's been known to hide things in walls behind insulation before.
HE'S been know to hide HIMSELF in walls behind insulation before!


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