Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Timmy Takes to the Stage

Timmy spent a lot of time on stage last week....
first he was an ENTHUSIASTIC performer in the Children's Choir at church.

Honesty, he did smile when he actually sang.  He had no choice with all of us sitting in the second row making funny faces at him!

Then he was a hockey enthusiast for his school play, celebrating the wonderful state of Minnesota!  It was a thorough history of the state....and I mean thorough!

Then after a quick costume change, he did a great Garrison Keillor impersonation.

Here's Garrison Keillor.

"...Lake Wobegon...Where the men are all good looking, the women are all strong and the children are all above average!"

I think he was spot on!  Except he had no red necktie.  Because his costume manager is me.  And I am very overbooked these days.  Those are my old glasses, though...with the lenses knocked out.

Oh how we love watching Timmy perform.  He's easy to crack up...hardly even a challenge!


Mike and Amanda said...

In the first pic I don't think you can blame Timmy if you notice he is just mimicing Doug who he has been watching for years.

Dana said...

Halo is probably jabbering at him in the first picture ... maybe that's why he looks so thrilled ;)