Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine "Must Do" for a Personalized Homemade Valentine

Check this out!

This is my adorable niece Ally and THESE are what
 she passed out to her friends today for Valentines Day.

How cool is that?
(Her mother has oodles more creativity than I ever
 will, but hey--a good idea can go a long way, right?)

I think these valentines were perfect for a sweet little girl because...
well, when you are talking elementary school, a 
Valentine MUST come with candy.  It's not an 
option.  Even if it's just a stick of gum...

But when the Valentine LOOKS like you are 
handing them a TootsieRoll pop the size of a garden
 rake...well....that's hard to beat.

I look at it and I think...
#1.  Wow.  Creative
#2.  She looks like she's gonna come right off the 
page and whop me with that giant sucker....
I really like it!

I know for all practical purposes Valentines Day is
 OVER for this year...but I for one am earmarking 
this for my 1st-grader for next year's valentines.

Here are the instructions from Ally's mom:

The picture was really easy.

 We wrote the words on our chalkboard.

 Ally is holding a long skinny PVC pipe. 

Once the pictures were developed,
 I cut a slit in one end of the stick, 
slid the tootsie pop in and taped the 
stick to the back.
Easy peasy. 

There you have it.
Give it a try!

Note to self...in labeling this post...I realized I've been posting for three plus years now and I don't have a single category for crafts or even holiday ideas.  Can I even call myself a blogger?  What am I?  Uh-oh...identity crisis!

I guess I'll label the category "Craft"
......in the singular.

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