Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adoption is Love, Welcome to the Family Elsa

Adoption is such a beautiful, sweet example of love at its finest.  
Think about it.  
You find someone you don't really know but who needs a place in this world, and  you say 

"You are ours."
"You are part of us and always will be."
"We claim you for good, and we will care for you, cherish you, teach you,
 provide for you, make our hearts one with your heart, give ourselves up for you and bless you."

And why not?

Doesn't God Himself, when we accept His love and forgiveness through Christ,
 ADOPT us as sons?
(He does.)
If you don't believe me read Romans 8:15 and Ephesians 1:5.

Heady stuff!

Adoption is an amazing thing, and we are so grateful
 to have gotten to see it close up in its earthly form twice.

In December, over the Christmas Holiday, 
the Lindquist family gathered once more at the Minneapolis airport baggage claim (right by the Starbucks)
 to welcome another new family member by adoption--
2 year old Elsa from China--through my
 husband's older brother Todd and  his wife Kirstin.
She joins Annika (four), Jake (14), Gus (17) and Mari (19).

As you scroll through the pictures, I hope you can sense the excitement and anticipation we felt.
Elsa, if you ever read this,
 I hope you will see and know how much we loved you already.

(By the way, if you happen to see somebody looking crabby, well, they weren't one of us!
They were the poor souls who had to navigate around all of us.)

Nana and Papa waiting, camera in hand!

Zach and Nana...and me in the background wondering how my baby ever got so big!

Andrew (standing next to family friend):  "Hey...we made it here in time...let the party begin..."

Looking towards the escalators:
"I'm here now..........."
Patience is not a naturally occurring trait in our family.

Papa:"So!  Do  you think Elsa will waterski this summer?"
Zach:  "She's two years old Papa!............Yeah..probably!"

Ava on the left and Lily on the right...waiting....

Ava and another newly adopted friend Ellie who is four years old...still waiting....

And suddenly...through the glass....THERE THEY WERE!
(At this point I might mention that Todd and Kirstin took the whole "fam" with them to China for the adoption!)

Here's where it all gets surreal!


Those are Andrew's hands on the right...I think a big hug is coming my niece Mari's (Wheaton shirt) way!
Better scoot Lily!

And this is my favorite picture right here.
Yep...There's the "big welcome hug in the background, 
and in the foreground, there is Kirstin and her mother 
sharing the first moment of this new reality.

  I like how they are looking at each other and saying a thousand things without a word!


And now Kirstin is saying "How much snow is out there?"
Just kidding...we've had no snow this year.

Me with the proud father!

And Andrew's still giving out hugs.
It was a hugging sort of day!

Katie and new big sister Annika
 most likely rejoicing in the favorable shift
 of feminine balance of power in the family.
Let the "Age of Shopping with Manicures" begin!

Just a few of the "Welcome Elsa Gang"

We love you Elsa!

We are so grateful that God chose you to be a Lindquist!
If you want to read  more about Elsa's journey
 to our family, Todd and Kirstin have a blog at:

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