Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello George and Martha~ (D.C. Chronicles)

Date: Sunday April 12
Time: 1:09
Status: Last stop before the airport!

It was a quick drive from church down George Washington Parkway to Mount Vernon. I know I've said this a few times already about a variety of places, but this was a true favorite of mine when we lived in the area. I do suppose that's the best part about having spent a couple of years in those parts; I can now go back and cherry pick my fondest sites!

Those familiar with my family, and even those not so familiar with my family, know that I am a little on the spur of the moment, don't plan everything out end of the vacationing spectrum.

NOTE: PLAN IT least when visiting D.C.

In a rare moment of pre-planning, and still smarting from being told "see ya later" at Ford's Theatre, I actually got online the night before Mount Vernon and bought our tickets. SO, when we and about a million other people arrived at Mount Vernon (???it was Easter, for goodness sakes...didn't they all have somewhere to be???), I proudly strutted my crew, newly changed from Easter dress clothes in the parking lot...sorry no pictures of that... right past a hundred or more people lined up to buy tickets and directly to the front of the line at the entrance! Ah those poor unfortunates.

I think George and Martha could have used a couple more!

THIS was HALFWAY through the line to the house.

Despite the bright sunshine, IT WAS COLD! We were freezing!

Right before the entrance to the HEATED house is this bench. My kids were splayed out on its warmth before all was said and done. I didn't care. My brain was frozen.

"Within this Enclosure rest the remains of Gen. GEORGE WASHINGTON"
Odd that "remains" is plural if you think about it....

Once again, death sobers idea who the guy on the left is.

George and Martha

"I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the Lord, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, het shall he live and whosoever ???and believeth in me shall never die. "
Loved it.

Awwww...helping his brother up the hill.

The Orchard....this picture is for my Mom....and me...the rest of them sat on a bench. They don't value fruit trees as much as I do.

I'm fascinated by this whole blacksmithing thing. It was really amazing to see how them made all the implements they needed right in their own back yard. As I was taking this last picture, Tim was beginning the "we better go if we are going to eat before the airport" procedure....i.e....the troops were getting hungry! I could have watched this stuff all day.
We finished up with an (expensive) afternoon meal in the new glass atrium at the visitors center, and then it was off to the airport for what was SUPPOSED to be a 7:50 flight.....

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Dana said...

I really like Mount Vernon too ... now I'll have to go back and look at our pix :) The fruit trees are pretty ~ they weren't blooming yet when we were there.