Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In the space of a few short hours our family experienced:
a broken thumb, (Timmy's--he's casted and fine now)
a broken cell phone, (it's duct tapable)
a broken rule (or two) (or three or four...for privacy we'll say no more (that rhymes))
two broken dishes (shattered to pieces on our lovely granite counter)
broken plans (due to ER visit for aforementioned thumb)
broken hearts (not us, but in the ER a poor elderly man was trying to find his wife who'd been ambulanced to another location and a young woman was in a corner sobbing her heart out.)

My point is, all life breaks. It all heads to chaos quicker than we can keep up. My house would be the perfect example right now. It makes me so grateful that Christ is the anchor for our souls. It's all supposed to break. It's ok. It makes us cling to Him.

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Sarahbeth said...

oooh. that's good.