Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why is this funny?

Why is this funny? It's babies in distress...MY baby in distress...but for some twisted reason their little faces are funny!

This is an old picture from a couple of years ago, but it still makes me laugh when it comes up on my screensaver slideshow. I have other funny pictures from this day...when we were cutting a Christmas tree from the woods at my parents' house in IL...but I don't think I could get permission from the subjects to put them on here. But this one is ok...this is Lily and her cousin, and apparantly they weren't happy to be put up on top of whatever contraption they'd been tossed on. I love the reaching hands.....these two princesses were feeling the pea.

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Sarahbeth said...

I am laughing! I don't remember that picture. but it's funny you should mention it, because i just re-discovered "the other" and wanted to post it too. i think we should. it's too funny to keep locked in a computer somewhere.