Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More about Katie's 13th Birthday Celebrations

Gone are the days when I had the time to make all their cakes from scratch in some fancy party theme...but Katie has had her share of those. Timmy hasn't, but Katie has.

Here she is at the family party...opening gifts...this was Mar. 29th.

Katie and Kari...wearing their purchases from Mall of America!

Friends stuffing her with the tissue seemed like the thing to do...

This is the face she made reacting to....

...THIS very entertaining gentleman who seranaded her loud and clear at Kaluna Grill at the Mall...

It was a lot of fun to have dinner with all of these lovely friends of Katie's. And let me tell you, these girls EAT!

A new birthday outfit.

Finally, the evening of her actual birthday, we went to Betty's Pies. Here is one of Betty's Pies. Lily insisted she had to have blueberry.

Then she proceeded to mooch most of Timmy's strawberry-rhubarb, because she really liked it better.

A fun time was had by all.

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Mike and Amanda said...

We can not believe how grown up your kids are looking. We hope we recognize them when we see them next. Happy Birthday Katie!!!!