Friday, April 17, 2009

PDA in the USA (D.C. Chronicles)

Time: Thursday, April 9, 2:00p.m.
Location: On the mall outside the Natural History Museum...that's up next!
Status: Needing a break. Loving the warmth and the grass.

Look at Tim's face and look at Zach's face.

Here, I'll make it easy for you:

Scary, huh.

And here are Katie and Timmy, close-up:

This picture has excellent symmetry.

Well, clearly, our Capital Contraband Snack got us about as far as it took us to eat it. So, still needing a little more, we decided to rest on the mall and have some dogs and fries.

I was fifth in line and waited TWENTY minutes for these tasty goodies. I'm convinced the salespeople were trying to TICK ME OFF. Seriously...they moved in slow motion. For those of you budgeting a trip to D.C. in the future, a (kosher Hebrew) hot dog, a cup of fries and a med. pop cost around $8! We got four meals and shared.

Notice Tim with the guidebook in the back right. This tome became such an integral part of Tim and the trip that Timmy fanatically insisted it come home with us as a lifelong souvineer. We may dip its dog-eared pages in gold.

Then the wrestling began....

They just cannot seem to help themselves....

It's a good old fashioned pile-on!

She's saying, "I can't believe you are letting us act this way in a public place!"
"Letting you?????!"

Lily has licked her lips really well for a GLK (inside reference only my family will get).......Andrew's striking a pose while Timmy's resigned to a slimy, wet big one (he secretly likes them) .... when.....

She pulls a last minute change-up! "BULLSEYE!" Nailed him!
What a face!

Here it is up close! Those are some wet lips, I can assure you!

And up for air...... she's thinking...."that was great! I really grossed him out good! whew!...hard work, though."

Clearly we don't care much what other people think about our PDA
(Public Display of Absurdity!)

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