Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Library of Congress!!! Wahoo!!! (D.C. Chronicles)

Time: Thursday April 9, 9:30 am.

Location: West Falls Church Metro to Capital Hill

Story: Spring Starved Family Goes Wacko for Sunshine, Flowers and History (as dubiously depicted in "National Treasure 1 and 2", I later realized.)

The metro was a big hit...we bought all day passes and were glad we did!

Warm Sunshine. Blue Skies. Good Times.

Timmy at Betty McCollum's office to pick up our Congressional Tour Betty....nice sign and flag, though.

The Supreme Court!

OK, I was totally taken aback when my kids showed so much enthusiasm for the Library of Congress! Come on! This would be the first library they've ever cared about! And they really seemed to have an AMAZING sense of how it worked and what was there! Believe it or of them even expressed dismay that they weren't allowed to look at the BOOKS!!!!! I was so impressed!..until I realized it was all generated by the National Treasure II. movie. Sigh.

Still...interest is interest....I'll take it!
And the flowers. We took lots and lots of these pictures. This one is my new screen saver...mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.

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Unknown said...

Love, love, love the pictures of the trip. Makes me want to go. It's one I'm going to put on our to-do list of family vacations. And if a movie gets kids interested in history and government....oh well.