Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chinese Chowdown (D.C. Chronicles)

Date: Thursday evening, April 9
Status: Seven exhausted, starving tourists.
Mission: One more metro trip to Chinatown for our favorite cuisine!

The Gate in Chinatown! Oh Yeah! Food! (The very un-asian Starbucks on the corner really bummed me out but hey! Food! Keep your eye on the ball!)

Lily started it.....

...but a good idea.....

...should never be wasted....

....but instead played out fully until parental authority intervenes.

There was tea with that sugar....

They're just putting up with me...

...Bilabong boy here is cute, but the real picture is the size of Timmy's mouth in the background...poor Timmy!...trying to feed his starving little body with his left hand! That boy does love sesame chicken!

Chopsticks all the way...except for Lily, and Timmy of the broken hand, of course!
Now it didn't shock me any when they sat us in the back. We were tired, somewhat smudged from the day's business of sightseeing, snacking and pummelling each other on the capital lawn (more on that later)...you know the usual...plus we had a toddler who true to form and expectation spilled her water in the first five minutes. These hostesses know "back of the restaurant material" when they see it walk in the door...
But they didn't have to sit us by these!!! We were sitting right beside these glazed chickens the whole meal...what I assumed were chickens anyway:

until they opened the door in the back of the case and hung up two more...and we realized they were ducks...hung by their cooked heads...looking down on us as we ate their brother...!!!...well half of their brother anyway....and he was very good. You can see the beak to the left of the stainless steel corner. Why? Why the head? They didn't serve it to us...just to hang him by I guess.

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Mike and Amanda said...

You guys are pros at chopsticks and the cuisine, though I am sure that the food here is a "little" bit different! Here, we see heads and feet and necks and all other parts laid out for inspection. Hey, you gotta know what you are getting, even on the inside!
Care to pluck your own bird. For sale right there in the bag! :)
We miss you guys. Now that you've passed the chopstick test, don't you think it's time for a vision tour to the WEST of China? :D
Much love, M+A