Monday, April 6, 2009

Katie's 13th Birthday Night out with Mom and Dad

Oceanaire in Minneapolis was the place we chose to take Katie for her "13th special night out." This is a tradition we started with Andrew on the kids' 13th birthdays where we dress up and take just the birthday child out to a very "grown up" and fancy restaurant. Here she is with the "Seafood Tower." Very nice.

We had a great time hearing about what's been going on in school and how she's feeling about being a teenager. Katie has a vibrant, passionate personality that is a lot of fun to be around. Here she is showcasing the purity ring we gave her.

They surprised us with a complimentary Baked Alaska for dessert in honor of her birthday! Since we hadn't ordered anything, we were a little set fact Katie, having never seen such a thing wasn't sure if it was fish or what! It was a dramatic end to a great evening with our newest teenager.


Sarahbeth said...

AHHHH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL KATIE!!!! We wish we could give you lots of birthday hugs--we'll save them up for this summer. Get ready! That will be a lot of hugs from a lot of little Curries.

Dana said...

Neat idea ~ we might copy you :)